2 Easy Ways To Make Money On Binance Using A Mobile Phone

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Are you looking for an easy way of making cool cash?. Are you currently dissatisfied with your current salary?. Worry no more, we have something cooking for you. We will be guiding you on how you can earn a substantial amount of money daily with your mobile phone while trading on Binance App anytime.

You might be asking what is Binance?.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform domiciled in many parts of the world. Currently, this exchange is the largest and the most widely used crypto exchange across the globe. This cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao.

How Do I Earn From Binance?.

Majorly, there are two ways I earn through Binance namely by trading or by buying coins and storing them in my wallet. 


Trading on Binance can be risky but when one understands what they Want to trade on, then everything becomes pretty easy. The first easy way of earning in Binance is by trading USDT on Binance P2P. Why do we choose USDT?. We chose USDT because it is a stable coin and you will hardly lose your hard-earned money in this trading. 

Buying and Storing Coins

The second way of earning through Binance is by buying and storing coins in your wallet. You can do research, watch some youtube videos and follow some crypto expert analysis to see good coins worth investing in. 

How Nigerians Can Register On Binance.

For Nigerians who want to turn Binancian or Binance user, all you need to do is to get yourself an authentic Identity Card being it National ID, Drivers’ Licence, International Passport, Voters Card. 


After getting these means of verification, head to Playstore if you are using an android phone and download the Binance app. Visit your app store if you are using another type of device.


Open the site and register by inputting your authentic names, place, etc. Now you are good to go. 


While trading on Binance, please trade responsibly.


Complications Nigerians Face.

One problem you might face while starting your trading is getting your Identity verified. If you are yet to get your plastic NIN number, you can head over to your NIN dashboard and log in to the site from your mobile device. Download the online ID card showing your face. You will be required to pay #1200.00. After downloading it, take it to a nearby cyber cafe and print it. 


Trade Responsibly.

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