Nursing Sponsorship Jobs In USA – Apply Now

Nursing Sponsorship Jobs In USA – Apply Now

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Nursing Sponsorship Jobs In USA – Apply Now.  The demand for nurses in the USA continues to rise, creating numerous opportunities for international candidates seeking nursing sponsorship jobs. This article provides an overview of available positions, how to apply, and essential tips for securing a job.


Understanding Nursing Sponsorship Jobs in the USA

Nursing sponsorship jobs in the USA allow foreign nurses to work legally by obtaining a visa through employer sponsorship. Many healthcare facilities are eager to hire international talent due to nursing shortages, particularly in specialized fields.


Top Employers Offering Nursing Sponsorship

1. Cleveland Clinic

  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Roles: Registered Nurses, Specialized Nurses, Nurse Practitioners
  • Hourly Pay: $30 – $45
  • Typical Hours: 36 – 40 hours per week
  • Application portal: Cleveland Clinic Careers

2. Mayo Clinic

  • Location: Rochester, Minnesota
  • Roles: Registered Nurses, Critical Care Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Hourly Pay: $32 – $48
  • Typical Hours: 36 – 40 hours per week
  • Application portal: Mayo Clinic Jobs

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Roles: Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pediatric Nurses
  • Hourly Pay: $33 – $50
  • Typical Hours: 36 – 40 hours per week

Application portal: Johns Hopkins Careers

4. HCA Healthcare

  • Location: Nationwide
  • Roles: Emergency Room Nurses, Operating Room Nurses, ICU Nurses
  • Hourly Pay: $30 – $46
  • Typical Hours: 36 – 40 hours per week
  •  Application portal: HCA Healthcare Careers

How To Apply For Nursing Sponsorship Jobs In The USA

1. Prepare Your Credentials

  • Education: Ensure your nursing degree is recognized.
  • Licensure: Obtain the necessary nursing licenses for your state.
  • Certification: Consider certifications in specialties to enhance your qualifications.

2. Research Potential Employers

  • Look for healthcare facilities known for hiring international nurses.
  • Check their sponsorship policies and available positions.

3. Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter

  • Highlight relevant experience, skills, and certifications.
  • Emphasize your adaptability and commitment to patient care.

4. Submit Applications Online

  •  Apply through the hospital’s career portal or recruitment agencies that specialize in healthcare placements.
  •  Follow the application instructions carefully and attach all required documents.

5. Prepare for Interviews

  • Research common nursing interview questions.
  • Be ready to discuss your clinical skills, patient care experience, and motivation for working in the USA.

Visa Process For Nursing Sponsorship Jobs In The USA

1. Obtain a Job Offer

  •  Secure an offer from a healthcare facility willing to sponsor your visa.

2. Apply For The Visa

  • Most nursing positions use the H-1B or TN visa (for Canadian and Mexican citizens).
  • Work with your employer’s legal team to ensure all paperwork is submitted correctly.

3. Credential Evaluation

  • Complete a credential evaluation if required by the state board of nursing.
  • Organizations like CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) can assist.

4. State Licensure

  • Obtain licensure in the state where you’ll be working. Each state has its own requirements.

Benefits Of Nursing Sponsorship Jobs In The USA

  • Career Growth: Opportunities for advancement in diverse healthcare settings.
  • Competitive Salaries: Attractive compensation and benefits packages.
  • Professional Development: Access to ongoing training and development programs.
  • Cultural Exchange: Experience working in a multicultural environment.


Nursing sponsorship jobs in the USA offer a rewarding career path for international nurses. By understanding the application process, preparing your credentials, and targeting the right employers, you can secure a position that matches your skills and career goals. Explore opportunities with top healthcare providers and take the first step towards a fulfilling nursing career in the USA.

For more details and job applications, visit the career pages of the hospitals mentioned above and apply.

Note: This article provides a comprehensive guide for international nurses seeking sponsorship jobs in the USA, ensuring they are well-prepared to embark on a successful career in the American healthcare system.
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