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Andrew Davila made a lot of friends online and offline when he started on Instagram in 2017 uploading attractive portraits and funny videos to his account. The majority of his fans were mostly girls who found him attractive and also a cross-section of members of the social media community who found his videos funny.

Who Is Andrew Davila

Andrew Davila is an American Social media influencer, and entrepreneur. This young man is known for uploading attractive portraits, and short funny videos on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok 

Davila first started his career on Twitter in 2016 when he frequently uploaded short funny videos on Twitter. After many years of trying to break out on Twitter without success, Davila decided to switch to Instagram.

While on Instagram, his stunning looks and confident screen presence gave him the aura of a likeable person, and soon enough, he had several followers who were mostly beautiful women who found him attractive and funny. He presently has 2.6milion followers on Instagram.

Davila became extremely influential on Instagram in 2017 before he decided to join another video-based platform, tik-tok where he amazed most of his fans who waited eagerly for his photos and funny videos. 

At the same time, he also became a part of the collaborative YouTube channel Sunset Park along with his five best friends. The channel has vlogs about the lives of the six boys and their adventures in Los Angeles. Their videos are extremely popular and are loved by many of Andrew’s fans as well. Apart from this channel, Andrew also has his own YouTube channel where he posts more personal content.

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Andrew Davila Networth

Andrew Davila is quite a rich guy at 22, he earns most of his money from Youtube, Instagram, and Tik-tok views. He also makes a lot of money by influencing for brands and companies. 

Andrew Davila’s net worth is estimated to be around $200k – 300k. He earned these considerable amounts over the years mainly from social media platforms by uploading content.

Andrew Davila Age

How old is Andrew Davila?. Born on 26 June 2000, Andrew Davila crossed 22 years in 2022. He was born in Texas, United States of America.

Andrew Davila Height

Andrew Davila has a perfect physical appearance. He is approximately 6 feet 9 inches or 177 centimetre tall. His body weight is about 154 pounds or 70 kilograms.

Andrew Davila Real Name

Have you ever asked yourself whether Andrew Davila has a real name? or do you believe his stage name is also his real name?. What is his real name?. Although everyone knows him as Andrew Davila, this is not actually his first name. 

The name which he has on his government-issued ID is David Andrew Davila. So, yes, his first name is David while his other names are Andrew and Davila.

Andrew Davila’s Birthday.

Born on 22 June 2000, Andrew Davila’s birth date falls every 22 June of every year. He recently celebrated his birthday with friends and loved ones online and offline. 

Andrew Davila Girlfriend

Who is Andrew Davila’s girlfriend?. Andrew Davila’s beauty makes him a lady’s man. Many of his numerous 2.6m followers who are mostly girls are currently crushing on him. 

So who is Andrew Davila dating?. Currently, Andrew Davila is not in a relationship with any girl. He seems to be concentrating more on building himself and creating content for numerous of his followers. 

Andrew Davila Ethnicity

Andrew Davila spent most of his childhood years in Texas, United State of America. He is an American of mixed ethnicity. To be precise, he is Caucasian and his parents are Mexican.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Andrew Davila Family

Andrew Davila’s father who is identified as Mr. Davila is a businessman by profession. His mother, Karla Davila is a full-time housewife who sometimes features in his videos, especially live videos.

One thing about his parents is that they are supportive of his craft. This love and support played a key role in what he has become today.

Andrew Davila Siblings

Andrew Davila is not the only issue of his parents, Mr. Devil and Mrs. Karla Davila, who have two younger siblings, a brother, and a sister. 

He seems to enjoy a beautiful relationship with his father, Mr. Devil’s and his mother Mrs. Karla Davila

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