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The Nigerian-born American businessman, Anslem Oshionebo could not escape the hammer of justice after failing to maintain anti-money laundering controls on a fintech company he co-founded with Opeyemi Odeyale, Ping Express US LLCs.


The leakage in the system allowed some Africans, especially Nigerians, to move illegally acquired funds through Ping Express US LLCs to their destinations in Africa. When Anslem was caught, he could not deny his offense as he pleaded guilty in the US court and was sentenced to 27 months in US federal prison.

How did Anslem Oshionebo move from building one of the leading remittance services in America to going to prison?. Are there some hidden secrets behind his ordeal?. 


Who Is Anslem Oshionebo

Anslem Oshionebo Co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Ping Express US LLC. This young man is a certified financial expert with about 20 years of experience working in the field. 

Anslem Oshionebo Networth

What is Anslem Oshionebo’s estimated networth?. Anslem is quite a rich guy. This young man acquired huge wealth while working in many business setups across the world. aprokorena team were unable to extract his exact networth at the time of this compilation. 

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Anslem Oshionebo Age

How old is Anslem Oshionebo?. When was this man born?. Anslem Oshionebo is 44 years old as of July 7, 2022. He was born in 1979. His exact month and date of birth are however unknown.

Anslem Oshionebo Height

The exact height of Anslem is unknown. We however believe that his height should be between 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 1 inch.

Anslem Oshionebo Educational Background

When we looked through his profile on his website, we discovered that Anslem Oshionebo graduated with a Master’s in Accounting and Finance from Seton Hall University’s Stillman School of Business.

Anslem is also certified as a Fraud Examiner, as well as a Chartered Accountant in Nigeria

We were however unable to trace the names of his nursery, primary and secondary school. The names of his parents, wife, and children are also not in the public domain.

Anslem Oshionebo Career 

Anslem is a finance professional with nearly 20 years of experience in the private sector. He went ahead to work with PwC, where he held several key roles from Senior Associate to Manager and then a Senior Manager. 

He would join a Dallas-based Riveron Consulting company where he worked for about 2 years before moving to form a company, Ping Express US LLC alongside Opeyemi Odeyale in 2014. His job in this company was to ensure that the company complied with all necessary legal requirements in the countries where they operate. 

Prior to Ping Express, Anslem also worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, creating new training materials, providing instruction on various subjects, consulting, writing thought leadership materials, and working to uphold regulatory standards.

Anslem Oshionebo State Of Origin

Anslem Oshionebo is is a businessman of Nigerian descent. His state of origin is Edo State Nigeria. 

Anti-Money Laundering Charges.

Anslem was charged in the US alongside the following persons Olusegun Adebanwo, Opeyemi Odeyale, Aleoghena Okhumale, Collins Orogun, Ping Express  US LLC, and Olufemi Sadiq for a criminal case in United States District Court Northern District of Texas.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 27 months in prison in the US alongside co-conspirators. Also the fintech company, Ping Express  US LLC itself is facing 5-year probation as well as a $500,000 fine.


Anslem Oshionebo Bio Facts
Name Anslem Oshionebo
Date Of Birth 1979
Age 44 Year Old
Nationality Nigerian 
State Of Origin Edo State
Networth $160m
Wife Unknown
Children Unknown 

Frequently Asked Questions?

When Was Anslem Oshionebo Born?

Anslem Oshionebo was born in 1979. His exact month of birth and date of birth is however unknown.

Is Anslem Oshionebo Married?

Anslem Oshionebo’s public documents do not show the identity of his wife. It is therefore uncertain whether he is married or not.

Who Is Anslem Oshionebo’s Wife?

Anslem Oshionebo’s wife is unknown. He does not share the identity of his children in the public domain.

Does Anselm Oshionebo Have Children?

The children of Anslem Oshionebo are unknown.

How Old Is Anslem Oshionebo?

As of July 7 2023, Anslem Oshionebo clocked 44 years old before going into US prison.


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