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When we talk about R&B, one name that often comes to our mind is, Chris Brown. The American entertainer took this genre of music to another level and has continued to excel in it.

At a time, it didn’t matter if artists were solo singers, duets, or groups, they gave us hot love hit songs, break-up anthems, and power Ballard’s. But recently, the R&B music genre seems to be declining and Rap seems to have taken over.

In all of this, where should Chris Brown be placed? Who is Chris Brown in the Music industry?

Who Is Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown is a well-known American singer, songwriter, actor, and graffiti artist. 

According to Billboard Magazine, Chris Brown is considered one of the most successful, influential singers in the R&B music genre alongside R Kelly and Usher. 

The King of R&B (Chris Brown) is known for mixing a little bit of hip hop and pop music in his R&B style. His music usually focuses on themes such as sex, romance, fast life, desire, regret, conflicting emotions, etc.

Chris Brown’s Net Worth

Chris Brown’s net worth is estimated to be around  $51 million. The talented R&B singer is closely following artists like Jay-Z, and Dr. Dre although he is still far from them in terms of riches.

Chris Brown Age

Born on May 5 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia, Chris Brown is currently 33 years old. 

Chris Brown Height

In centimeters, Chris Brown is 185 centimeters tall. 

In meters, Chris Brown is 1.85 meter tall.

In Feet and Inches, Chris Brown is 6 feet 1 inch 6’1″.

His body weight is 82 kilograms or 181lbs in pounds. 

Chris Brown Body Measurements

Chris Brown’s chest measures 41 inches. His waist is about 33 inches while his Biceps are about 14 inches.

Chris Brown Eye Colour.

Chris Brown’s Eye colour is Dark Brown.

Chris Brown Hair Colour.

Chris Brown’s hair colour is Black.

Chris Brown Tattoo

Does Chris Brown have a tattoo?. Chris Brown has tattoos on his body. 

First, we will look at the tattoo on his right bicep. 

Chris Brown’s Jesus Christ Tattoo

Chris Brown has a Jesus Christ tattoo surrounded by music notes inked on his right bicep. This tattoo has a significant meaning. According to Chris, the Jesus Christ tattoo on his right bicep is a tribute to his talent for singing. The King of R&B believes that his singing ability comes from Jesus Christ.

One interesting thing about this tattoo is that Chris got this tattoo when he was still living with his mother. He got the tattoo against his mother’s wish.

Chris Brown Second Tattoo (Joyce Tattoo)

On Brown’s inner wrist is another tattoo he called “Joyce”. You might be asking what “Joyce” was and what inspired it?. 

Chris Brown’s Joyce tattoo was inspired by his own mother. Joyce is his mother’s name.

Chris Brown’s Third Tattoo (Wing Tattoo).

Chris Brown is a religious man who grew up in a Christian home. The huge wing tattoo on his chest represents his Christian belief. 

Chris Brown’s Fourth Tattoo (Symphonic Love).

This tattoo is located on his chest region. It simply represents Brown’s love for his art and music.

Chris Brown Fifth Tattoo (Fame Tattoo)

Another tattoo on Brown’s bicep is the “Fame” tattoo. This tattoo represented the fourth music album he released in 2012. It also has two other different meanings. 

  • Forgive All My Enemies (FAME)
  • Fans Are My Everything (FAME)

Browns Sixth Tattoo (The Brutally Beaten Woman Tattoo)

This tattoo is mainly dedicated to the dead. Dios de Los Muertos” which means the Day of the Dead which is a Mexican festival to honor dead relatives and family.

Browns Seventh Tattoo (Royalty Browns Tattoo)

This simple tattoo located on his back represents his daughter, Royalty. He drew this tattoo on the 2nd birthday of Royalty.

Chris Brown Telegram

Chris Brown’s Telegram number or page is not open to the public. Please beware of those trying to lure you into fake accounts using “Chris Brown Telegram”.

Chris Brown Girlfriend

Chris Brown’s love story is not different from every other celebrity’s. The R&B maestro has been linked to several women in the past. He shared public relationships with high profile women like Karrueche Tran and model Ammika Harris.

So who is Chris Brown’s current girlfriend?. Is he currently single?.

Ammika Harris

The rumour of Chris and Ammika first started off in 2015. The well known model was seen at the time hanging out together with Chris in Paris, France. In 2019, the two lovebirds gave birth to his son, Aeko Catori in November 2019.

He also dated other women, such as Diamond Brown,  Karrueche Tran, Draya Michele, Nia Guzman, Vanessa Vargas, Agnez Mo, Indyamarie and many others.

Chris Brown And Rihanna.

Chris Brown dated Rihanna from 2007- 2009 before splitting up due to domestic violence issue. They later got back together in 2012 and also worked together on a musical project but later split again.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Much Is Chris Brown Worth?

Chris Brown Is Worth About $52 million.

Who Is Chris Browns Dad?

The name of Chris Browns dad is Clinton Brown.

What Is Chris Browns Dad Occupation?

Chris Brown’s dad, Clinton Brown worked as a correctional officer at a local prison.

Who Is Chris Brown’s Mother?

Chris Brown’s mom is Joyce Hawkins.

Chris Brown’s mom Occulation?

Chris Brown’s mom, Joyce Hawkins worked in a day care as as Daycare Centre Director.

How Many Kids Does Chris Brow Have?

Chris Brown as at of June 2022 has 3 kids.

Does Chris Brown Have 3 Kids?

Yes, Chris Brown has three kids namely Lovely Symphony Brown, Aeko and Royalty.

Who Is Chris Brown’s Wife?

As of June 2022, Chris Brown doesn’t have a legal wife.

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