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At a time when Bitcoin is in shambles, the world seems to have turned to Michael Sailor for a better explanation as to why this digital asset has continued on this downward trend.

Michael does not seem to disappoint though, he has continued to dish out strategic answers as to why Bitcoin dominates all altcoins. He has also dedicated himself to making predictions and offering pertinent technical answers to major issues around bitcoin.

Without wasting much of your time, we will be discussing Michael Saylor’s Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Bitcoin Prediction, and Crypto Portfolio. We will also answer some questions about this genius.

Who Is Michael Saylor?

If 10 persons spent most of their teenage years on various U.S Airforce bases around the world, Michael Saylor should be one of them. 

Born to a military family in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1965, Michael Saylor was an American entrepreneur, business executive, author, inventor, and publisher who developed an interest in technology at an early stage. At the age of 24, Michael has already started fulfilling his destiny in technology, and building businesses. 

He was able to set up his notable company that provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services, MicroStrategy in 1989 to tackle world problems using a technological approach.

Michael also authored a best-selling book in 2012, The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything. He also runs a free online education platform, Saylor Academy, and also has 31 patents right to his name.

Michael Sailor Net Worth

Michael Saylor has over the years amassed wealth through his businesses. According to a list of billionaires published by Forbes in 2022, Michael Saylor is currently the 2161 richest man in the world with a net worth of $1.3 billion. 

This genius was previously ranked 1818 richest man in the world but fell to his recent position after questionable accounting led to a restatement of financial results and the dot-com busy crashed the stock. Michael was however able to return to the list after he invested part of his wealth in bitcoin in 2020.

Michael Saylor Age

Born on February 4, 1965, Michael Saylor is currently 57 years old. The American citizen has however continued to offer solutions, and provide technical answers to world problems in recent times.

Michael Saylor Wife

Michael Saylor’s relationship status seems to be in line with most of the world’s geniuses. This young man has not introduced his wife or girlfriend to the world.

Michael does not have a wife or a known girlfriend at the moment. We suspect, he prefers a low-key private family lifestyle and we respect that.

Michael Saylor Bitcoin Prediction

In 2021, Micahel predicted that bitcoin is going up forever but the present turnaround in bitcoin price seems to have turned the table against his bitcoin price prediction. He believes that we are in the early stage of bitcoin adoption where there is friction, prejudice, and fear.

According to Michael, government institutions will soon start adopting bitcoin. On whether a wide adoption of bitcoin would be good for the market, Michael revealed that if everyone adopts bitcoin, it would cost $3million a coin and investors would lose. 

Michael Saylor is a disciple of bitcoin who has invested a fortune in this business. Recently, Michael predicted that the next investors to flood bitcoin will be sovereign funds like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Norway, and Switzerland.

He explained that when this happens, it will pave the way for the wider adoption of bitcoin. 

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Michael Saylor Crypto Portfolio.

According to a recent revelation made by Michael, his personal bitcoin holding points to over $800 million. While his company, MicroStrategy holds over 125,051 bitcoins acquired for $3.78 billion.

Michael Saylor Twitter

Michael has continued to spread his bitcoin gospel across a social media platform, Twitter. Recently, the American billionaire made a shocking statement saying that he would buy the available bitcoins if it eventually drops to $25. 

This Tweet did not however go down well with many of his followers who believe that maybe the American billionaire has sold his bitcoin. They also feel that his assertion defeats the whole idea of Bitcoin.

How Did Michael Saylor Get Rich

Michael Sailor made his money through his public company, MicroStrategy, and bitcoin investments.

Michael Sailor is best known for different things but one thing the world might never forget about him was losing $6 billion in a single day during the issue of dot_com bubble when the company nearly collapsed. 

Michael was accused of involvement in an alleged accounting scheme that saw his company overstating the company’s earnings making a public company that was headed into bankruptcy appear profitable on the books.

The sailor was however able to bounce back after investing in bitcoin a few years after rising to 2161 richest billionaire in the world.

When Did Michael Buy Bitcoin?

Michael has continued to preach that government institutions would soon adopt bitcoin. This prediction is coming after the American entrepreneur purchased additional bitcoin for himself and his company, MicroStrategy. 

Michael Sailor bought his first bitcoin in August 2020.

Is Michael Saylor A Billionaire?

According to the recent list of the world’s richest men published by Forbes, Michael Saylor is sitting at number 2161 richest billionaire in the world today.

Did Michael Saylor Buy Bitcoin With Loan?

The answer to this question is a simple, yes. Michael through his company, MicroStrategy purchased bitcoins using loans. MicroStrategy obtained a $205 million term loan collateralized by bitcoin from Silvergate Bank, a subsidiary of Silvergate Capital Corporation  (SI) – Get Silvergate Capital Corp. Class A Report, a financial infrastructure service provider.

What Will Happen To Michael If Bitcoin Goes Below $21,000

If bitcoin goes below $21,000, Michael would have to make a margin call to pay a certain amount to his lenders. We however do not see this happening any time soon.


Whatever happens now, Michael should have made more than a fortune if he took his profit when Bitcoin was between $40-69k. He might however liquidate if the current price drops to $21,000 although this is unlikely at the moment.


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