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Do Kwon’s personality came under public scrutiny once again after his personal blockchain project Luna, $UST crashed from $123- 0.7 dollars in two days.

Millions of investors who lost practically 95% of their total investments in $Luna and $UST were quick to call out the young billionaire alleging that he was aware of the May 10,11,12 2022 crash and did nothing to stop it. 

  • Will Do Kwon be made to compensate investors of $Luna and $UST?.
  • Will he be able to rebuild $Luna and $UST?. 

At the moment, we will be discussing Do Kwon Luna’s Biography, Net worth, Age, Education, Wife, Cars, and Previous Employment. We will answer relevant questions about this subject.

Who Is Do Kwon?

Do Kwon is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of a blockchain technology platform, Terraform Labs, and the founder of Anify. He created this company in 2018 alongside Daniel Shin.

At the time, the duo claimed that their main aim in creating the platform was to build a decentralized price-stable cryptocurrency and create a more efficient payment system in blockchain technology. Although the aim was achieved for some years, in 2022 however, the platform experienced a major setback leading to investors losing heavily.

Do Kwon Networth

One question many people across the world often ask is, how much is Do Kwon worth. Based on our last check, Don Kwon is a billionaire whose net worth has not been estimated. The young vibrant entrepreneur featured in Forbes 30 billionaires in 2019-22. 

His company Terra raised about $32 million from other crypto giants such as Binance, Arrington XRP, Polychain Capital, etc to stay afloat before the eventual crash in May 2022.

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Do Kwon Age

Do Kwon was born on September 6th, 1991. Based on our calculations, the young man is currently 30 years old.

Do Kwon Educational Background 

Not much I know about Do’s elementary educational background. Kwo studied Computer Science at Stanford University where he received his bachelor’s degree in 2015. He proceeded to work as an engineer at Apple and Microsoft Inc after graduation.


This young man didn’t grow up in a small village, he grew up in the capital city. Do Kwon was born in Seoul, South Korea in September 1991. 

We do not, however, know much about his parents, streets, and the houses he lived in while growing up in the capital city of South Korea.

Do Kwon Cars

One thing about this young entrepreneur is that he prefers to maintain a low-key lifestyle. Do Kwon has flirts of cars which he does not show on social media. The young man prefers to keep his wealth private. 

Do Kwon Wife

Does Kwon have a wife or girlfriend?. What we know about Do Kwon’s wife, girlfriend or children might intrigue you. This young man has never shown his wife, girlfriend, or children to the world. Many believe that he is not married. 

Kwon Career

Do is not just a regular guy, he is a genius. He worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and Apple Inc after studying Computer Science at Stanford University.

He is also the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the telecommunication company, Anify, a wireless mesh network startup founded in 2016. He worked as the CEO of this company until he left in 2017. 

Do co-invented several of the company’s key patents around decentralized networks and routing systems

In 2018, Do decided to design a blockchain technology to create more efficient, easy ways of making payments. His hard work birthed Terra (Luna) and $UST, a stable coin in the Terra ecosystem.

Do Kwon Twitter

Kwon is an active Twitter user. He recently assured his investors of a possible resurgence in his already crippled cryptocurrency projects $Luna and $UST.

Why Did UST Fail?

At the moment, there is a lot of speculation as to the reasons behind the sudden crash of Terra USD (UST). We however believe that the recent dumping of unaccounted UST and the quest to maintain a $1 peg through code and not collateral caused the downward spiral in Terra’s UST.

Why Did Terra Luna Go Down?

The first reason behind Terra Luna going from $123 to $0.7 is because of the current bitcoin crashing. Many believe that major investors in Luna pulled out after realizing the downward spiral in bitcoin price.

Although there are many other factors that led to the crash, the pulling out by major investors which led to panic selling among smaller investors is key to the system crash.

What Caused Terra Crash.

Many believe that the recent Terra crash was caused by major investors pulling out funds from the project. 

There are however some other factors like manipulations from developers, investors, etc.

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