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Just like many American kids who were presented with great opportunities at the platter of gold, Wolfgang Novogratz grabbed it and made good use of it.


Born to Mom and Dad who are great Interior Designers with amazing TVQ, their own HGTV show, and a line of home furnishing business, CB2. Wolfgang Novogratz had everything staring at him and it was just a matter of time before he grabbed his opportunity without looking back.

Who Is Wolfgang Novogratz

Wolfgang Frances Novogratz is a talented American actor, model, and entrepreneur who took the world by surprise when he first featured in Assassination Nation where he played Dave. 


He also featured in popular Netflix films such as Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, The Half Of It, etc. 

The young American actor changed the world of Hollywood lovers with his intriguing, bold, calmness when he first appeared on the screen.

Wolfgang Novogratz Movies

One question fans of Wolfgang have continued to ask is, how many movies have Novogratz featured in.


Interestingly, Wolfgang has appeared in about 10 popular interesting movies you might have come across as a lead character or simply playing a supporting role.

Here are some interesting movies he has featured in;

  • Feel The Beat
  • Yes, God, Yes
  • Hush, Hush
  • The Last Summer
  • The Half Of It
  • Sierra Burgess Is A Loser
  • Buckets
  • Assassination Nation
  • Igen, Uram, Igen

Wolfgang Novogratz Networth

Wolfgang’s actual net worth has been a subject of speculation for many years now. This young man has made a lot of cash playing in the movie industry. If we are to judge his network based on his big movie roles, it would be right to say that he is a millionaire.

Although this man has earned a lot from acting and other businesses, his actual net worth is however not in the public domain at the moment. We believe that he is living comfortably as a millionaire or even more.

Wolfgang Novogratz Age

Born on May 9, 1997, in Manhattan, New York, U.S, Wolfgang is currently 25 years old. 

The talented American actor and model recently celebrated his 25th birthday with friends and family in a closed-door event. We think Wolfgang prefers a low-key lifestyle as opposed to a flashy one.

Wolfgang Novogratz Height

The American actor seems to be lucky with his God-given height. He is 1.91 metres tall. This simply translates to 6ft 2 inches in height. 

This young man is tall, handsome, and rich, and therefore he is a lady’s man.

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Wolfgang Novogratz Wife

Does Wolfgang have a wife?. Does he have a girlfriend?.

Interestingly, Wolfgang has chosen to keep us in the dark with this information. The American actor seems to prefer quiet, private affairs. 

As it stands, he has not publicly declared or published his wife. We however believe that he is secretly dating someone. Who might that be?. Our fingers are crossed.

Wolfgang Novogratz Nickname

Wolfgang was nicknamed Wolfie by his parents at a very young age. This nickname is attributed to two things, his behaviour in the house and secondly, his real name, Wolfgang.

Interesting Facts About Wolfgang Novogratz.

  • Wolfgang is the oldest son of a family of 7.
  • He first appeared on the screen in 2010 when he debuted with 9 by Design.
  • Wolfgang appeared as a guest in a TV Comedy show, Grown-ish.
  • He made his first big movie appearance when he featured in Assassination Nation, like Dave.
  • Wolfie was formerly a basketball player. 
  • Ha Uncle, Michael Novogratz is a famous blockchain expert who made money buying and storing bitcoin.
  • Wolfie is only active on Tiktok where he shares photos of his later movie casting.

Wolfgang Novogratz Cars

Wolfgang loves a private lifestyle and does not show off on social media. Although he has quite some expensive cars, he does not show them on social media. The young man is more focused on his career than showing the world his cars or other expensive things he owns.

Wolfgang Novogratz Social Media Handles

Wolfie is not a social media type of person. He was formerly on Instagram but stopped posting on September 8, 2021. His last post was that of his mother when he wished her Happy Birthday.

He is also not on Twitter, Facebook, or Tiktok.

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