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Although many financial analysts would argue that volatility isn’t entirely bad because it is an ideal basis for making a profit in the cryptocurrency world, it is however important for crypto investors to carefully consider a crypto project before investing their money in it. 

Cryptocurrency is entirely new to the vast majority of the world population who believe so much in fiat currencies as opposed to digital currency. It is, however, probable that the majority of the world population will adopt cryptocurrency if governments decide to regulate crypto-related transactions across the world.

  • Is it good to invest in new crypto projects?.
  • What are the things a crypto investor should look out for before investing in a new crypto project?.

Without wasting much time, we will be beaming our torchlight on a new crypto token, $MOVEY. We would be answering a lot of questions concerning this new crypto project.

What Is MOVEY Token?.

Movey is a standard mobile technology application that integrates blockchain and cryptocurrency. Movey users can not only track their health, but they can also earn $MOVEY tokens by moving and playing games.

Basically, $MOVEY is not just an ordinary cryptocurrency project, it is a brand built with the interest of its users at heart. This project is designed to make sporting activities fun for its users and also make their money while keeping fit.

Is MOVEY User Friendly?. 

The MOVEY website looks great and is easy to navigate through. The interface is designed with the interest of its users at heart.

MOVEY Application.

MOVEY Application is designed to accommodate two things MOVEY NFT Sneaker and staking MOVEY Token. 

With the MOVEY application, you only “move to earn” by running or simply walking. Here is what we saw on their website “Users need to have an NFT Sneaker or stake $MOVEY token in Stake Token Management to participate in Movey’s earning modes where users have rewarded in $MOVEY/NFTs by walking, moving”.

MOVEY Marketplace.

The MOVEY marketplace is the most interesting part of this project. Here, users can rent, lease or trade their NFT Sneakers and NFTs from NFT Movement Creating function on the app.

There is a filter function in the marketplace that will help you find the NFTs you want. This is actually the most interesting part of this project.

How To Rent NFT.

Renting NFT on MOVEY is quite simple. All you need is a smart rent/lease mechanism. 

For new users, all you need to do is, download the app and start renting sneakers. 

What Is The Reward For Renting MOVEY NFTs?.

At the time of this completion, MOVEY did not specify what the reward would be but we believe MOVEY users will be rewarded with MOVEY tokens after successfully completing their task. Here is what we saw on the MOVEY website, “The Smart Contract will deliver rewards to renters who complete missions”

How To Create NFT On MOVEY.

Creating NFT on MOVEY is quite easy. All you need to do is download the MOVEY Application and activate it. There is an NFT Movement Creating feature on the app that allows you to convert an image of your fitness journey into NFT. You can earn MOVEY token by creating Sneakers as well as creating your own fitness-related NFT. 

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Is MOVEY A BEP20 Token?.

$MOVEY is a token built on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BEP20). According to what we gathered, this token will be used in all transactions in the Movey ecosystem and users will receive $MOVEY tokens when completing missions in the application.

What Can I Purchase With MOVEY Token?.

$MOVEY tokens can be used to purchase NFT boxes, repair shoes, create NFTs, trade/rent/lease NFTs in the marketplace, and participate in special events. We think this is an awesome development.


One thing you need to note is that the tax fee for buying and selling MOVEY tokens differs. When buying Movey, the tax is free but when you want to sell, you must pay a 12% tax fee.

The liquidity is 17.5%.

Airdrop is 1%.

The team is 6.5%.

Presale is pegged at 25%.

M2E is currently 50%.

The total Supply is 20,000,000

MOVEY Token Roadmap.

The MOVEY token has five developmental phases. Presently, the brand is sticking to its roadmap.


Phase 1 – April

  • Website Release
  • Alpha Test
  • Smart Contract Deployment


  • Cross Promotion Activities
  • $MOVEY Public Sale
  • DEX/CEX Listing

Phase 2 – May

  • Beta Test
  • Movey NFT Sale
  • Movey Marketplace
  • Movey Application
  • Health Care System


  • Season 1 – Running Missions

Phase 3 – June

  • Social Marketing Campaign
  • Creating NFTs
  • Renting NFTs
  • Competition Mode
  • Partnership with Shoe Brands
  • Movey Wallet – Test Phase

Phase 4 – Q3

  • social – Test Phase
  • Season 2 – Marathon
  • Movey Wallet
  • Clan Release
  • Partnerships with Sport Brands
  • Listing Top tier Cass
  • Carbon Offsetting
  • Bridge to Solana/Polygon/ETH

Phase 5 – Q4+

  • social – Release
  • Movers – Running on Metaverse
  • World Tournament

MOVEY Review.

Movey token seems like a decent token worth following at the moment. We however think that crypto investors should consider a lot of factors such as MOVEY whitepaper, owners, and time before trusting this project. 

The token is designed with the interest of users at heart and if the developers follow their roadmap strictly, earlier investors would make good money from this project.

MOVEY Price.

As at the time of making this compilation on Tuesday, May 3, MOVEY was trading at $0.278597. 

$MOVEY Ambassador.

Aizu Yaki is the global ambassador of $MOVEY. The announcement was made on the official page of $MOVEY and AIZU YUKI Twitter pages on May 3 2022.

MOVEY Social Media Handles, Website.

MOVEY Telegram page here

MOVEY Twitter Page here

MOVEY website here

Disclaimer: Neither the author, Augustine Obinna, nor this website, provide financial advice. Please consult our website Privacy Policy as we will not be liable for your financial decisions. Thank you.

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