Terkehh Reviews: All You Need To Know About Terkehh Token – Legit Or Scam?.

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Terkehh reviews update took another swing after the “obscure developers” greeted their humongous supporters with the direct opposite of what they promised them on April fools month. 

If you recall, Terkehh (Terk) promised their followers who took part in Terk airdrop a return for value on the 22nd of April which they eventually failed to keep on the said date. 

The obscure developers did not only refuse to allow those who took part in Terkehh airdrop to unlock their token on the said date, but they also introduced a system of collecting BNB from unsuspecting users for unlocking their token.

Does this mean Terk is a scam? Or legit?.

Without wasting much time, we will be delving into all matters relating to Terk. We will also be making reviews, answering all questions relating to Terk token.

What Is Terkehh?.

Surfing through their relatively new website here, “Terkehh which works on Binance Smart Chain, the latest meme cryptocurrency is Friends of Floki. More specifically, it is a hyper-deflationary subcoin with a smart sharing system built into the ecosystem, so each investor gets more Terkehh added to their wallet. This means that each card owner gets a 4% commission fee for every transaction that takes place”.

The question here is, is this what Terkehh token truly is?. The answer to the above question is a simple yes. 

Terkehh token ignited a lot of hope on a large number of crypto enthusiasts when it first came into limelight. The above assertion is evidenced in their large Telegram community which stands at 199635 at the time of this compilation and has continued to grow.

Is Terkehh A Real Coin?.

Terkehh token, at least for what the developers sold to its community members, is a meme token designed for the best interest of its users at heart. Although this might be the idea sold to the users, their recent updates however shows that the developers are not ready to keep to their promises.

Is Terk Listed On Coinbase And Binance?.

Presently, Terkehh coin seems to enjoy it’s stardom on social media platforms like telegram groups, Twitter. The meme coin styled “friend of floki” is yet to be listed on Coinbase and Binance. 

Can I Swap My Terk Coin?.

Checking through their official telegram group, Terkehh developers listed procedures on how to go about swapping this coin.

How to Swap your Terk?

  •  In order to prevent the price of Terk from falling, we adopt a batch unlocking mechanism
  •  In order to verify a valid address, you need to unlock your Terk address on the website
  •  Visit the website to unlock Terk, unlock the address first and sell Terk first
  •  Stop unlocking on May 30, 2022, Terk will be automatically destroyed if it is not unlocked after expiration

Can I Swap My Terk?.

From what we noticed on Terkehh telegram and Twitter platfoems, this procedure doesn’t work and those who mistakenly paid the required BNB were not able to swap. We also noticed that high number of persons who claim to have swapped theirs while offering to swap for others at a fee are scammers.

How Can I Sell My Terk Coin?.

Selling Terk Coin is impossible at the moment as the developers have failed to keep up with their Phase 3 Road map which includes.

  • TerkehhSwap
  • 100,000 telegram members
  • Large influencer marketing push
  • Listings on Coinsbit
  • More memes from the community.

Common Terk Scams

We noticed a new Terkehh scams on their Telegram and Twitter pages. The common scam we came across on those two platforms has to do with fraudsters deceiving gullible investors to pay a specific amount for unlocking Terkehh. These scammers often lie that they have unlocked their Terkehh while promising to help others for a fee. This is a scam everyone should avoid because there is nothing like unlocking at the moment. Those that paid ended up regretting their actions.

Terkehh Review.

After a proper check, we were unable to find proper, reliable information about Terkehh aside from what they want their community members to know. There is no information about the owner or developers on the site. 

They are mostly present on Telegram and have continued to censor comments on their groups. This is a red flag. Also, the intent of the developers is barely known to its members at the moment as the majority of their community members have reported the groups while others are still threatening to report them.

On Twitter, Terkehh has over 1million followers and are demanding that users pay 1% of 10,000 Terk. Based on our calculations, this would amount to over 4 million US Dollars if members comply with their demand.

  • We wouldn’t recommend you buying it as it has zero utility at the moment.
  • There is no proper information about the project. Terkehh developers didn’t publish any white paper and this makes it unreliable and hard to trust.
  • The identity of the owner of the website is hidden for reasons best known to the developers and owner or owners.


We recommend you get Terkehh token through airdrop. Avoid buying such token with your fund as it has no utility at the moment and also because the developers are not ready to keep to their promises. Make proper research before thinking of putting your hard earned money into this project.


Disclaimer:Neither the author, Augustine Obinna, nor this website, aprokoarena.com provide financial advice. Please consult our website policy prior to making financial decisions. Thank you.


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