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Cashera is a crypto bank that offers you its unique features such as 

  • Crypto Banking Revolution
  • Buying
  • Exchanging
  • Storing
  • Staking
  • Cashing Out.

It is a brand new United States registered company incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company limited by shares.

According to information obtained by from the website here, CASHERA LIMITED is a United Kingdom registered company under number: 13946071. The registered address of the company is 20 Old Brompton Rd, London, England, SW7 3DL.

The registration date is 1 March 2022 and the Director of the company is, Adam Oscar.

Cashera Wallet.

Cashera wallet is currently available on the two most popular platforms, Google Play store, and Apple Store. This wallet allows you to buy, exchange and store your crypto assets in a secure and trusted crypto wallet.

Cashera Bank Cards.

Another important innovation we noticed is the bank cards issued by the Cashera team. It has four types of Bank cards for transactions. These cards are connected to the Visa payment system only. We believe the team needs to work more on expanding their card services and embracing other card services such as Mastercard and Verve.

The four types of Cashera Visa cards differ in terms of CSR Stake in USD, CSR Cashback, and ATM monthly withdrawal limit.

Cashera Cards
4 types of Cashera Visa Cards

Cashera Card Offers.

Cashera cards come with mouthwatering discounts ranging from 15%, 10%, and 5%. By purchasing any of the cards, you get subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, and Prime Video at discounted price.

Types of Cashera Visa Cards

Cashera Tokenomics.

The total supply of Cashera tokens is 100,000,000.

The amount in circulation I presently 75,000,000

The amount burnt is 25,000,000

  • 25% Of Total Supply Burnt
  • 20% Public Presale On Pink sale 18% Development
  • 15% Marketing & Exchanges
  • 12% Liquidity Locked For One Year
  • 10% Team Tokens Locked For One Year

Cashera Roadmap.

Cashera has 3 road maps mapped out by the developers. Presently, they are almost done with Phase 1 of their task.


United Kingdom Company Registration

Website Launch

Contract Creation

Contract Audit

Whitepaper Release


Public Presale

Pancakeswap Launch

1st Exchange Listing

CSR Price Target $0.10


Community Expansion

CoinMarketCap Listing

CoinGecko Listing

2nd Exchange Listing

Cashera Wallet

More Marketing

CSR Price Target $1.00


More Marketing

More Exchange Listing (5+)

Cashera Cards (EU)

Cashera Cards (Worldwide)

CSR Price Target $5.00

Roadmap Expansion Be Announced

Who Is The CEO of Cashera?

The CEO of Cashera is Adam Oscar. This young man has 12 years of experience with banks in the United Kingdom and m, 7 years of Cryptocurrency experience. 

Cashera Social Media Handles.

Just like other newly launched crypto projects, Cashera has continued to create awareness through social media. The team behind the project in a bid to harness the power of social media in reaching out to many persons across the world chose two social media platforms. They are heavily present on Telegram here and Twitter here.

Is Cashera In UK and US?.

Cashera is a company registered in the United Kingdom. Presently, the company is physically present in the United Kingdom but not the US. They are however working towards expanding across the globe soon.

Cashera Review.

Looking at the idea behind this project and the persons involved, Cashera seems to have a good future if the outlined roadmaps are followed explicitly. The project has attributes of a good project and might end up making investors good dollars if the developers keep to their words.

We ran a check on Google, Facebook and Twitter to discover the face of Adam Oscar. After several research, we were unable to associate the name Adam Oscar with any real person at the time of compelling this report.


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