How To Unlock, Swap Terk Token, Buy Terk ICO, And Sell Airdrop On Pancakeswap [Latest]

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How to unlock, Swap Terk Token seems to be the problem many crypto enthusiasts who dabbled into the Terkehh token project are facing at the moment. 


While the faceless developers of this project have continued to bombard their large followers with information on how to go about unlocking, swapping, selling, and buying Terk ICO, they have failed to provide concrete information that their followers really need.

As it seems, these developers are consciously concealing vital information about their project that their followers need to continue keeping faith in the project.

  • Does this mean that Terkehh (Terk) is a scam project?. 
  • Is it a legit project?.

Without wasting much of your time, we will be answering a lot of questions concerning this project. We will be focusing on how to swap, unlock, buy Terk ICO, and Sell Terk Airdrop on Pancakeswap. We will also make reviews about the project with real live examples just for you.

How To Unlock Terk Token.

According to unverified information posted on Terk’s Twitter page, 40,000 Terk addresses have been successfully unlocked as of 29th April 2022. 

Unlocking the Terk token is as simple as unlocking any other coin in your trust wallet. When you want to unlock Terk however, you are required to pay 1% of your total Terk to proceed. 


Practical Example On How To Unlock Terk?

  • Open your TRUST WALLET
  •  Go to DApps
  •  Click here
  •  Paste into your Dapp search bar
  • Select Binance Smart Chain Network
  •  Click the “Enable” button to enable unlock
  •  Click the “UNLOCK” button and pay bus or usdt to unlock
  •  UNLOCK complete

How to Swap Terk.

The developers of Terk after reneging on their promise to their large followers decided to push out bizarre information on how to swap Terk tokens in batches. According to information shared on their Telegram, Twitter, and Website, the change in the plan was to prevent Terk prices from falling.

Procedures On How To Swap Terk.

  • To verify a valid address, you need to unlock your Terk address on the website
  • Visit the website to unlock Terk, unlock the address first, and sell Terk first
  • Stop unlocking on May 30, 2022, Terk will be automatically destroyed if it is not unlocked after expiration

How To Buy Terk ICO.

Buying Terk ICO is as easy as ABC. We will however not share links to Terk ICO as we do not trust the project yet.

Terk is currently listed on

Information On Terk Airdrop.

Terk played a fast one on their large followers after failing to fulfill their promise on 22 April 2022. The developers came up with a bizarre plan that rattled many holders of Terk Token.

Latest Terk Airdrop Information

Here is what the developers posted;

“Make sure you understand: ICO token and AIRDROP token locked up to 22 April 2022. That’s means with an airdrop token you can’t transfer, can’t trading, can’t swap before 22 April 2022 

Unlock plan: 10% per month from 22 April 2022

There is no lock plan for Pancakeswap trading, the number of Terk that can be sold depends on the amount you buy in Pancakeswap”

What this simply means is that there is no hope for those that got their Terk through an airdrop.

Common Terk Scams.

There is a common scam pattern going on in all Terk groups. We noticed that some scammers are claiming to have unlocked their Terk token. One suspected scammer identified as Leszek Filipowski wrote on Terk’s official Telegram group, “Ohh my god😳 I just swap my terk😘😘 dm for info”.

After a careful investigation from those that paid for their Terk Token to be unlocked, we discovered that the Terk team failed to unlock their token instead, they were given future dates for unlocking and selling.

Screenshots from Terkehh Telegram group
Screenshots from Terkehh Telegram group

Latest Terk Review.

One thing about Terk token project is that those behind the project are unknown and as a result, we wouldn’t recommend you trust them with your funds.

Secondly, Terk is built on lies and as a result, many Terk holders are beginning to suspect the project. They are beginning to reject it because of the activities of faceless Terk developers.

The idea of paying 1% to unlock Terk is bizarre and therefore a red flag.

Terk does not have White paper and this is also a red flag.

Lastly, Terk does not seem like a good project at the moment, and investing in it at this time might lead to a huge financial loss.

Disclaimer: Neither the author, Augustine Obinna, nor this website, provide financial advice. Please consult our website privacy policy as we will not be liable for your financial decisions. Thank you.


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